Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jena Tec Launches Precision Rotary Tables

Jena Tec announces two further models to its linear and rotary motion ranges in the field of precision rotary tables. The first model, the MRT230 is a lightweight ring grinding unit driven by a pancake segmented motor via a gearbox and toothed belt. The cast alloy base plate allows bolting directly to a grinding machine table.

Mounted on the rotary axes employing ABEC 7 angular contact bearings is a magnetic chuck, 230mm diameter providing load capability of up to 30kg. The central 40mm location spigot allows location of fixturing and the unit can be supplied with a variety of 3 jaw chucks and t-slotted face plates on request. The unit is supplied complete with an electrical control box providing infinitely variable speed control up to 120RPM. The MRT230 is an ideal solution for rotary grinding of bearing spacers and other applications where constant surface finish is important combined with accurate parallelism.

The second series is the ABRT Series Air Bearing Rotary Table. This expansive range provides a highly accurate rotational motion in either manual or CNC mode with minimal effort through the provision of an air bearing cushion. The unique hydraulic clamping mechanism allows rigid clamping for heavy duty machining. With table diameters from 500mm to 2000mm and table loading up to 10,000kg with repeatability of +/-0.2 arcsecs, the range is an exceptional high quality attachment suitable for a variety of applications in boring, milling, grinding and inspection.

The ABRT series can be provided with a torque motor option, encoder feedback and digital readout and can be fully integrated within a CNC control. Jena also offer an industrialised PC based CNC control allowing retrofitting to existing manual machine tools. Customised designs of ABRT rotary axes can be provided on request relating to higher loading, diameter, acceleration and tolerances.

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