Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jena Tec Wins EON Team National Safety Award

Avingtrans plc has announced that their operating company, Jena Tec has been recognised within the E.ON ‘SHE’ awards relating to safety, health and the environment for their work with the Connah’s Quay E.ON engineering team on a significant technical engineering development.

The SHE award Team Category was made to the E.ON Connah’s Quay team for their work with Jena Tec in developing an actuation system which offers greater safety in operation (than the traditional hydraulically operated actuators).

The Jena Tec team’s work involved development of an electro-mechanical solution to overcome the dangers of using hydraulics for operation of high force actuators (used to control turbine safety bypass valves for high pressure steam pipes).

Temperatures of 500°C are encountered and hydraulic fluid leakage was a known fire risk with the potential of causing major damage to the turbine installations.
Installation of nine replacement units took place at the E.ON Power Station in Connah’s Quay, United Kingdom following design and development by the Jena Tec team technicians over the previous three years. E.ON report increased levels of operational safety and decrease in maintenance costs relating to the actuation systems.

Paul Ward, Managing Director of Avingtrans Industrial Division maintains that the successful application of automation grade mechanical precision actuation to the arduous E.ON application is a great case study for a multi-disciplinary approach to engineering solutions. And this approach is enabling engineers to take advantage of modern control system technology to combat safety and environmental issues. He says that the Jena Tec’s investment in this sector of technology has great growth potential worldwide not only in hydraulic replacement but also pneumatic, fuel valve regulation, fire arrestment technology and many related fields.

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