Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jena Tec SBC C Type Linear Guide Improved Rolling Performance

Jena Tec is pleased to introduce the new SBG(S) - C type linear guides adopt existing 4 row circular arc internal geometry and can therefore interchange with any carriage now operating on SBC standard rail profile. The C type design incorporates ball return tubes and reversing end plates now moulded together as a single component . This offers smoother operation than all previous internal designs for linear bearing motion in any plane whether vertical or horizontal. The C type single component mould achieves great reduction in ball direction reversing and “no-load return tube” noise, allowing better lubricant flow . Lubrication is simpler, as the grease nipple can be inserted in multiple orientations ( Front, Left and Right ).

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jena Tec Precision Ballscrews and Spindles

Jena Rotary Technology Ltd (Jena Tec) is a company dedicated to supplying high quality repairs and OEM replacement spindles and ballscrews whilst also incorporating distribution of many other linear and rotary motion products. Jena Tec is a daughter company of Avingtrans plc engineering technology group.
Our extensive product range offers broad application of possibilities connected with customized designs and solutions. The products manufactured by Jena are used in the automotive industry, precision technology industry, in medical and robotic systems and many other technical applications. For more information go to or call our sales team at +44(0)1623 726010

XLF Ballscrews Extend Machine Tool Life

Ball Screws are mechanical devices for converting rotary motion into linear motion and vice versa. Ball Screws have become an integral part in modern machine tools due to their positional accuracy, load bearing characteristics and low friction when compared with lead screws, however little has changed in design since the first use of the ball screw in machine tools some decades ago. A common misconception is that to improve a ball screw all that is necessary is to improve lead accuracy, whilst improvement in lead accuracy is important, there are many areas in which design improvements can have significant impact on overall machine performance.

Therefore, the ball screw cannot be considered in isolation but as one element influencing servo loop performance. In developing their new XLF™range ball screws, Jena Rotary Technology Ltd have recognised the importance of the ball screw in servo loop performance, and designed a ball screw to meet the demands of modern machine tool controls. One important factor to consider is reversal error, (reversal error occurs when lost motion is apparent during change of rotational direction in the ball screw) which can affect positioning and surface finish in the work piece. The reaction of the mechanical elements in a system can have a significant effect on reversal error.
The unique design of the XLF™ has produced a ball screw with extremely low coefficient of friction whilst retaining high system rigidity and eliminating reversal error. Due to the design and materials used, it has also been possible to reduce the preload in the ball nut whilst retaining rigidity. Ball Screw life, and wear accuracy have also been significantly improved, the ball screw is also extremely quiet compared with traditional designs. Another benefit is thermal stability of the assembly due to the reduced preload, improved rigidity and low coefficient of friction, producing a ball screw with extraordinarily low levels of heat generation.
These improvements have been achieved using hybrid materials and changes in the design of the raceway profile in the ball screw and the ball nut, the changes are not noticeable to the eye with the exception of the blue/grey appearance of the ball screw, and the reduced preload and super smooth run can be felt when the ball nut is turned by hand.
Clearly these benefits are not restricted to the machine tool industry; any applications where high accuracy, extended life and low levels of noise are required would benefit from the advantages the XLF™ range ball screws offer.

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Linear Actuators cross the Atlantic

Jena Tec has introduced its VT and HD ballscrew-driven linear actuators to Europe. The products are already available in the US where they have been used in military, medical, hydraulic and pneumatic replacement, metal forming and flight simulation applications.

Precision ballscrew manufacturer Jena-Tec has launched a custom nut leadscrew design and manufacturing service for high speed positioning leadscrews, used in light duty applications.
Jena Tec provides ballscrew assemblies and repair services for ballscrews, spindles and linear actuators.
Its HD and VT are for a heavy duty ballscrew drive powered by any motor provided or specified by the customer.
With a heavy steel wall construction, the actuators provide from 17,000 to 178,000N for the HD range or from 1880 to 8900N for the VT range.
The heart of the actuator is powered by the firm's ballscrew assembly.
Sealed chambers extend longevity for the unit along with anti rotation devices and adjustable limit switch positions.
With travel distances up to 1200mm and velocities of 1m/s, the actuators can be customised to fit within existing production line or machine constraints, or to fit a user preference of motor type which can be adapted through the use of spacer plates.
While external cylinders are made with a hard chrome coating for corrosion resistance, special units to operate in food or corrosive environments can also be manufactured to request. For more information on this or other Jena Tec products, call us on +44(0)1623 726010

New Directions for Linear Motion

Jena Tec is pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of high performance linear modules to the UK market to complement its existing range of heavy duty HD & VT linear actuators, precision ground and rolled JT series ballscrews and spindle assemblies.
The new Kinetic range of linear modules is based on the Jena Tec philosophy of providing custom options for linear module length on a quick lead time at a competitive price. 3D models are available on request for customers to evaluate and build into their CAD system design.

The Kinetic range can provide linear motion of over 6metres in length and with a choice of drive system options, both pneumatic, ballscrew, planetary roller screw, belt or high speed linear motor.
The construction uses rugged anodised aluminium extrusions which are designed within a family of sizes enabling Jena Tec to supply a modular system specifically to the customer requirements in terms of drive system, dimensions, accuracy, load capacity and speed requirements. Each range independent of drive system has multi sided T slots to allow the maximum flexibility for fixing units in position.

While this is of benefit to the factory automation and systems designers and builders, it also a key factor to satisfy the requirements of the aftermarket where Jena Tec has made its name in terms of service and performance. Jena Tec are able to offer and match an equivalent unit to replace existing linear actuators of a similar construction.
The most exciting development is the introduction of packaged linear motor modules and digital motor and drive card options which make the Jena Tec Kinetic modules a one stop shop for precision motion systems.

Highly successful in the field of pharmaceutical, medical, electronics and process industries, the Jena Tec Kinetic range provides Designers, Process and Maintenance Engineers with limitless possibilities for improving system performance.

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HFES Series Engraving Spindles

Jena Tec is pleased to announce the introduction of the HFES high speed engraving series to complement its existing range of motorised and belt driven spindles.
Water cooled for efficiency and with manual collet tool change for economy and simplicity, the HFES range provides a modular range of high performance units for engraving, drilling and routing.
Constructed from high quality materials and bearing specifications, the units are extremely accurate and rugged for demanding applications.

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SBC Linear Range Launched in UK Market

Having achieved considerable success with precision ground and rolled ballscrews and machining spindles to the UK market, Jena Tec is pleased to announce its latest association representing SBC Linear Co. Ltd of Korea for the provision of high quality linear rail components and assemblies. An ideal partnership, Jena Tec is now stocking and distributing to its existing and new customers a complete range of linear motion components and assemblies including linear actuators, ballscrews, end supports, linear rails and spindles.
SBC are an established high quality Korean manufacturer of linear rail assemblies to the machine tool and automation industries. Including the C type caged ball design of carriage block for exceptional smooth running and noise reduction, additional designs are available with spacer balls for noise reduction and corrosion resistant Raydent coatings for hostile environments. Maintenance and lubrication becomes a forgotten topic with the SBC Self lube carriages utilising an impregnated fibrous media to retain lubrication within the carriage for the life of the rail.
Offering ex-stock availability of most sizes and ranges, SBC is an exciting new entrant to the UK market assisted ably by the Jena Tec team. For a high quality product offering competitive pricing and availability without compromising quality, the SBC range provides one of the best solutions in the market.

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Turn Your Lathe into A Grinding Machine!

Turn Your Lathe into A Grinding Machine!
Jena Tec’s range of Duplex Tool post grinding systems offer users a greatly expanded capability to adapt existing plant and equipment to have grinding capability. Offering one of the most extensive ranges, Jena Tec’s products are inherently flexible and cost effective to give all the benefits of a precision grinding process without the high cost of a cylindrical grinding machine.

Blade Tip Grinding
Aero engine and Gas Turbine repair shops are a favourite customer of Tool post grinding units where there is recognition of the cost effective method of grinding assembled rotating blades within shafts or casings using Jena Tec equipment.

We offer a range of units comprising either external, internal or dual use systems able to cope with a variety of sizes and bore depths.

Deep Hole Grinding
These quills have solved many awkward production problems, and are an invaluable accessory. They provide a means of machining a work piece without the deflection that might be caused by a cutting tool. The massive bases of the larger Duplex grinders provide adequate anchorage. They are readily interchangeable with the standard quills. High precision races are used throughout, the longer sizes having supporting bearings or bearings in the centre.

Precision Machine Shops
Boring, facing and external cylindrical grinding to precise tolerances can be achieved with the Duplex range. It makes economic sense for Precision Machine Shops to hold a Tool post unit to make maximum utilisation of existing equipment.

Abrasive Band Grinders
Abrasive Band Grinders compliment the Tool Post Grinder range to provide a range of finishing options including;
•Roll Grinding
•Surface Grinding
•Welding Boom Mounted Tank Grinding
•Robot Mounted Abrasive Grinder

Jena Tec launches new woodworking spindle range to UK market

Jena Tec launch into the UK market a complete range of compact, collet mounted electric spindles and accessories by Jena Rotary Technology Ltd (Jena Tec), a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of machining spindles and ballscrews.

The machining of wood, plastics, glass, marble and light alloys become more readily available with the use of the GCR range of modular, square bodied spindles from Jena Tec.

The fan air cooled RV & RS series are manual tool change collet units with maximum speeds of 24,000RPM and up to 16 HP at a 60% duty cycle. Robust and lightweight in a rigid extruded alunimum body the lightest unit weighs in at 1.6Kg (3.6lbs). Collet size ranges from ER11 up to ER40 with a maximum tool shaft diameter up to 25mm. This spindle range is ideal for use in machinery for processing aluminium window frame extrusions, machines for routing of plastics and wood and robotic systems for deburring where weight and ruggedness are key considerations.

Moving up to the RC series, RPM’s of 60,000 can be achieved with compressed air cooling at 90% duty cycles with similar tool diameters at much higher speeds for more intensive machining operations. Again weight considerations are paramount with a base unit starting at 3Kg (6.7lbs).
The specification and application of ceramic bearings within the GCR series allows much higher operating RPM up to 100,000.

The vast majority of the GCR spindle range is also available with auto tool changer options for ISO and HSK tool interfaces. Due to the modular nature of the spindle units, it is normally easy for existing users of machines to change an existing spindle from another manufacturer for a GCR spindle with little or no modification which is of key benefit for the end user and machine tool re-building industry.

In addition to Jena Tec’s design capability in spindle technology, they also support the product range within its manufacturing plant for service and repair of the GCR range and that of other spindle manufacturers. The launch of this exciting new product range into the UK market signals a key strengh of Jena Tec to sell, design, develop and support its product range unrivalled by competition within its field.

The GCR product line for softer materials compliments the already extensive range of units produced and supplied by Jena Tec for milling, turning and grinding of traditionally harder metals. Jena Tec supply units for a wide range of machine tool, machinery and special purpose automation. For more information contact Jena Tec at or on +44 (0)1623 726010 or visit our website at

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jena Tec Assures OEM Spindle Test Quality

Jena Rotary Technology Ltd (Jena Tec), part of the Avingtrans plc Technology Group, saw the final installation and commissioning of a state of the art PC based Bosch test facility for motorised spindles in its Nottingham facility in May 2006.
Jena Tec is a leading UK supplier of ballscrews and machine tool spindle repair and replacement services to the aftermarket, OEM and factory automation industries and through the investment will be able to provide customers with a quality assured documented test programme.

Conventionally, machine tool spindles are tested using individual manually operated test equipment which requires operator intervention and is laborious to document, limited in scope and can be subjective in terms of interpretation and operator recording.
The new Jena Tec Bosch test rig allows for each spindle to have a unique record and test programme which is automatically programmed through a range of test cycles unmanned. Specific data can be captured and functionality of the spindle tested including;

•Motor Current logging
•Automated run in procedure
•Bearing Temperature & Lubrication
•Vibration Monitoring
•Encoder Performance
•Tool Clamp/Unclamp either hydraulic or pneumatic
•Drawbar switch setting
•Hydraulic actuation
•Cooling efficiency
•Air purge operation

What this means to machine tool customers, be they in the Aerospace, Automotive, Woodworking, Oil/Gas or precision engineering industries is that they can be assured of an OEM standard quality test programme for their repaired spindle. This can be subsequently audited and tracked to their specific test programme providing a higher level of assurance in the work conducted by the spindle repairer.

Jena Tec supply spindle and ballscrew repair services for a wide range of machine tool, machinery and special purpose automation. For more information contact Jena Tec at or on +44 (0)1623 726010 or go to