Friday, March 5, 2010

Jena Tec Miniature Ballscrews Deliver High Precision and Low Drag Torque

Jena Tec Miniature ballscrews can be manufactured from 6mm diameter with 1mm pitch with exacting precision grades less than 6 microns over the stroke length and very precise drag torques of 0,002 to 0,005 Nm. Jena Tec experiences a wide range of demanding customer applications in the fields of medical, aerospace actuation and instrumentation. Customer specifications vary depending on the use of the ballscrew and Jena Tec designers know how to accomodate important parameters such as motor torque, long life lubrication, low noise, elevated temperatures and extended life time calculations into specifying a product that fits for each request.

As well CF53 controlled case depth or through hardended material, Jena Tec can accomodate materials including aerospace standard and corrosion resistant materials in their range including those suitable for vacuum applications.

All Miniature ballscrews undergo rigourous testing to ensure compliance with drag torque and accuracy requirements on our well equipped test facilities in Jena.

For more information on the miniature ballscrew range, contact Jena Tec on or +44 (0)1623 726010.