Sunday, August 4, 2013

Innovative Resin Nut Ballscrew offers lightweight, high performance and quiet operation

Kuroda Jena Tec continues to provide innovation in its latest launch of a lightweight resin ballnut and screw assembly that combines the best in ballscrew technology with the lightweight attributes associated with leadscrews incorporating advanced materials technology. While non-metallic leadscrews have been in the market for some time, disadvantages include excessive heat generation and preferential wear and inaccuracy resulting in poor lifetime performance. Kuroda Jena Tec's exciting new product range comprises a specially selected injection moulded ballnut made of Poly-Phenylene Sulfide (PPS) and stainless steel balls and shaft. The new patent pending design therefore incorporates the advantages of low friction and low wear ballscrew technology with materials technology suitable for stringent medical, scientific or corrosive applications. Competitively priced between leadscrew and ballscrew technology, Resin Nut ballscrews offers a sizeable commercial and technical advantage.
Successful field tests performed by Kuroda Jena Tec demonstrate that Resin Nut technology shows minimal wear affecting accuracy and axis performance even after 250km of travel with heat generation levels typically less than half compared to comparable lead screw alternatives typically with a temperature rise of less than 2 Degrees Centigrade above ambient in service. Initial sizes offered by Kuroda Jena Tec are as follows;
Diameter : 8mm Pitch : 2mm Permissible Axial Load : 40N Permissible Rotational Speed : 3000 min-1 Axial Play : 0.030mm or less Shaft Material : Stainless Steel (Grade 304) Ballnut Material : PPS Balls : Stainless Steel (Grade 404) Grease : Alvania S2 or similar For more information, contact us via one of our local sales offices listed at;