Monday, October 26, 2015

Kuroda Jena Tec : Principles of Ballscrew Repair

Kuroda Jena Tec's ball screw repair technicians can recondition or repair ballscrews of any make or configuration with a range of transfer systems. At our specialised repair and testing facilities, we can recondition ballscrews up to 15m in length and 200mm in diameter. Additionally, we can replace ballscrews, offering a re-engineered matched replacement utilizing our existing inventory, up to 80mm in diameter.
Every repair evaluation includes a health check and free of charge assessment report. Our skilled technicians will disassemble, clean, inspect and determine cause of failure. The ballscrew is initially inspected for shaft straightness, bearing journal total indicated runout (TIR), fine thread and journal condition and wear to the shaft.
The ballscrew is then stripped and all parts are vapour de-greased and checked internally for Ball transfer system damage, Brinelling, fatigue, corrosion and damage to raceways. Each individual ballscrew shaft raceway is then polished, fine threads are cleaned and dressed out if necessary. The ballscrew is reassembled using new, high quality chrome steel balls to the correct pre-load specification. Lastly, the ballscrew is put through a series of tests and one final inspection to ensure precision and quality. If it is predetermined that the ballscrew is beyond economical repair, Kuroda Jena Tec offers reverse engineering and will quote for a replacement ballscrew manufactured in accordance with the sample. This should also be considered if the ballscrew is in a poor but running condition. Ballscrew sizes in diameter up to 80mm and in precision grade are held in stock in the UK and USA which can be retrofitted for replacements. Sizes over this diameter are supplied through Kuroda Jena Tec's German facility supported by the regional technical office. Warranties offered on repair services are dependent on repair assessment, ranging from zero warranty (where a replacement is recommended) to 6 months maximum. For more details on how Kuroda Jena Tec can supply your requirements please visit our websites on