Saturday, November 30, 2013

Innovative Dual Grinding Technology Enhances Processing of Synthetic Material

Kuroda Jena Tec’s innovative dual wheel grinding technology has been successfully sold to a specialist machine tool integrator for processing of ultra-hard synthetic material. The unique double wheel technology contained within a single spindle motor allows for roughing and finishing to be carried out by the same spindle with precise adjustment allowed by a closed loop servo control of the distance between both wheels. This allows the customer to achieve closely controlled finishing with minimal adjustment and much higher productivity as well as a reduced cost of a smaller machine footprint.
Supplied with a stable cast iron housing incorporating dual cooling circuits, extensive corrosion protection and a high precision ground ballscrew driven actuation device, the spindle operates within an intensive automation production line for billet processing. The technology has been uniquely developed by Kuroda Jena Tec for this specialist field and allows the customer to access a growing market in the field of synthetic materials processing. For more details on how Kuroda Jena Tec can enhance your grinding performance, contact us on +44 (0)1623 726010 or by email at