Friday, January 30, 2015

Precision Air Bearing Rotary Table Installation Promotes New Interest In Oceanographic Research

Following the successful installation of a 1.4m air bearing rotary table, Kuroda Jena Tec has seen a significant increase in enquiries and demand for repeat and similar air bearing rotary tables within Europe from oceanographic related research institutes. Within 2014, Kuroda Jena Tec supplied a custom designed Air Bearing Rotary Table (ABRT) to the Institute de Recherche sur le Phenomenes Hors Equilibre located in Marseille, France. . The brief was demanding in that a non-symmetrical load of 1,000kg needed to rotate at 90rpm with a speed variation of +/-0.1%. Due to the specific nature of the research by IRPHE, a smooth rotational performance was necessary without vibration hence the choice of an air bearing in the horizontal plane that allowed minimal effects from vibration caused by conventional bearings combined with a dampening low noise belt drive and servo motor system.
Due to the incumbent load being a tank of seawater, special consideration was needed for corrosion protection and electrical insulation with the requirement to install an 18 channel slip ring for power and control instrumentation. This was necessary to allow IRPHE to mount various monitoring devices on the table surface while the table rotated. For a video link of the rotary table click here. Provided with a complete software package and customised software, the unit was able to provide custom software programmes for various planned testing including defined ramp up, ramp down, specific cycles at programmed speed and the option for oscillation cycles within a defined percentage of rotational speed. Kuroda Jena Tec provides standardised and customised air bearing rotary tables from 500mm to 2m in diameter for a variety of machining, testing and inspection applications. For more specific information please refer to Additionally Kuroda Jena Tec has extensive experience in the field of high precision linear and rotary motion components and sub-assemblies including ballscrews, linear modules, linear actuators, motorised spindles and rotary table. For more information please go to