Friday, January 30, 2015

Long Reach Grinding Spindles Provide Over 1000mm Internal Bore Grinding Capability

Kuroda Jena Tec is a designer and developer of customised motorised grinding spindles and has found increased demand for modular grinding heads for internal bore requirements in the field of grinding of aerospace landing gear components, gas turbine stators, oil and gas valve components and many other applications in heavy industry. Most recently Kuroda Jena Tec’s UK facility designed and supplied an internal bore grinding motorised spindle unit to fit to a large OEM gas turbine producer for fitting to an existing manual turning machine to allow the customer to quickly grind an internal bore of a stator component simply and easily using standard production equipment.
Following the success of this application the OEM subsequently purchased new CNC turning equipment from a specialist machine tool producer and specified Kuroda Jena Tec’s spindle for the same application. With potential bore depths up to 1500mm and motor speeds up to 20,000rpm Kuroda Jena Tec has extensive knowledge of grinding technology and know how. For more information please go to