Monday, February 22, 2016

Design & Manufacture of Automotive Testing Stations

Kuroda Jena Tec's capability in linear motion components and asset repair is well known but additional automation capability is becoming an increasing demand of Kuroda Jena Tec's UK facility as requests from customers for more value added services increases. A recent example is the design, manufacture, assembly and test of a special purpose automated test rig for an automotive customer for engine components to determine whether sand from the casting process was contaminated in the component prior to subsequent machining operations. Kuroda Jena Tec worked with the customer to originate a specification of testing station able to automatically process aluminium engine parts at a high throughput rate and use air flow to determine go or no-go process limits. Where parts had insufficient airflow, they were automatically ejected from the production line for further inspection and rectification. Kuroda Jena Tec undertook the complete turnkey system design through to implementation in the customers' production line. For more details on how Kuroda Jena Tec can supply your requirements please visit our websites on