Monday, February 29, 2016

Development of ultrasonically assisted machining capability

Kuroda Jena Tec, an established manufacturer of motorised machining spindles for grinding, milling and turning has seen active growth in new orders for contract research in the field of ultrasonically assisted machining. Since 2011, Kuroda Jena Tec has developed ultrasonically assisted grinding spindle prototypes for heavy duty grinding of hard materials through the development of a modular grinding unit providing 20kHz frequency oscillation axially between 6-12 microns. This exciting process capability provides some clear benefits in terms of material processing speeds, tool wear and mechanical material properties. Designed in-house to provide different characteristics according to the application, Kuroda Jena Tec have subsequently designed and supplied a light weight drilling spindle with up to 40kHz oscillation for composite materials to a leading UK research organisation. Further development and application work is planned in this exciting area with research organisations and other leading machine tool OEM's.
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