Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Multi Head Spindles : Old technology but still highly productive

Multi Head Spindles typically comprise two generic types as either i) small taper mounted mini gearbox driven units designed to be used with a conventional single spindle CNC machine. Typically useful for auxiliary operations or where the user requires maximum flexibility or used as a single spindle speed increaser or ii) a larger dedicated multi stage precision gearbox driven from a single input shaft through a secondary gearbox before splitting into multiple pitched individual spindles comprise sometimes in groups of spindles in excess of 24 pieces driven at relatively low speeds  less than 1500rpm in parallel. In most cases this type of work is used for high volume production of automotive components with engine head and block being the most common for drilling and tapping of aluminium or cast iron components. The technology has fallen slightly out of favour in recent decades due to the advent of high speed single or twin spindle CNC machines with tool changing capability as a standard machine. This type of next generation standardisation allows automotive customers to have mixed model production and flexibility on the introduction of new component modifications or variants but it does require a higher floor space and possible initial investment in the first phase.

Picture of modern CNC machining lines using single or twin spindle technology
Recent investments of modern CNC machinery in automotive manufacturing plants have typically been of the newer type not utilising dedicated multi head spindles but a substantial installed base remains amongst older plants in OEM's as well in the 1st and 2nd tier supply chain. Kuroda Jena Tec possesses unique design and multi head spindle capability  (From it's Systematic both in terms of design, manufacturing as well as repair of existing older designs of multi head. This includes the ability to reverse engineer critical spare parts that may no longer be available commercially from the original supplier. This becomes extremely important where multi head spindle gearboxes and sub spindles utilise special gear pitches, seals and bronze bushes which are normally of a non-standard type. Kuroda Jena Tec can therefore provide and stock spare parts packages also to support planned or reactive repair work.
Systematic Multi Heads 
Examples of new multi head spindles able to be provided by Kuroda Jena Tec

As always in the repair business, capability and speed of response is critical and Kuroda Jena Tec prides itself on the ability to provide its customers with a high standard of reactive service particularly in the automotive sector. Where engineering projects are required perhaps for the planned upgrade to a new component modification, Kuroda Jena Tec also possess the design and manufacturing competence to analyse the engineering component with the customer to design a new spindle head where required, manufacture, assemble, test and assist customer with the on-site integration and machining trials. 

Example of emergency breakdown work performed by Kuroda Jena Tec for a leading automotive OEM

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