Friday, March 4, 2016

Modular grinding heads offer versatility to VTL's

Avoiding the need for expensive investment in new grinding machines or excessive costs in subcontract can be realised through the addition of a modular grinding head for use with Vertical Turning Lathe's (VTL's). Kuroda Jena Tec have a specific range of WBSVH units designed for horizontal or vertical applications which with the addition of an inverter system can be easily retrofitted to an existing manual machine tool. Used in a variety of applications ranging from grinding of stellite hard facing or machining honeycomb rings in aerospace blade casings, the addition of a modular unit is a highly cost effective way to add capability to equipment already located in the customers factory. Kuroda Jena Tec also produce units in its TPG series for use with horizontal lathes for both internal and external grinding. Custom designed inverter packages can be supplied as a complete modular retrofit.