Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jena Tec launches new woodworking spindle range to UK market

Jena Tec launch into the UK market a complete range of compact, collet mounted electric spindles and accessories by Jena Rotary Technology Ltd (Jena Tec), a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of machining spindles and ballscrews.

The machining of wood, plastics, glass, marble and light alloys become more readily available with the use of the GCR range of modular, square bodied spindles from Jena Tec.

The fan air cooled RV & RS series are manual tool change collet units with maximum speeds of 24,000RPM and up to 16 HP at a 60% duty cycle. Robust and lightweight in a rigid extruded alunimum body the lightest unit weighs in at 1.6Kg (3.6lbs). Collet size ranges from ER11 up to ER40 with a maximum tool shaft diameter up to 25mm. This spindle range is ideal for use in machinery for processing aluminium window frame extrusions, machines for routing of plastics and wood and robotic systems for deburring where weight and ruggedness are key considerations.

Moving up to the RC series, RPM’s of 60,000 can be achieved with compressed air cooling at 90% duty cycles with similar tool diameters at much higher speeds for more intensive machining operations. Again weight considerations are paramount with a base unit starting at 3Kg (6.7lbs).
The specification and application of ceramic bearings within the GCR series allows much higher operating RPM up to 100,000.

The vast majority of the GCR spindle range is also available with auto tool changer options for ISO and HSK tool interfaces. Due to the modular nature of the spindle units, it is normally easy for existing users of machines to change an existing spindle from another manufacturer for a GCR spindle with little or no modification which is of key benefit for the end user and machine tool re-building industry.

In addition to Jena Tec’s design capability in spindle technology, they also support the product range within its manufacturing plant for service and repair of the GCR range and that of other spindle manufacturers. The launch of this exciting new product range into the UK market signals a key strengh of Jena Tec to sell, design, develop and support its product range unrivalled by competition within its field.

The GCR product line for softer materials compliments the already extensive range of units produced and supplied by Jena Tec for milling, turning and grinding of traditionally harder metals. Jena Tec supply units for a wide range of machine tool, machinery and special purpose automation. For more information contact Jena Tec at mailto:sales@jena-tec.co.uktec.co.uk or on +44 (0)1623 726010 or visit our website at http://www.jena-tec.co.uk/