Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turn Your Lathe into A Grinding Machine!

Turn Your Lathe into A Grinding Machine!
Jena Tec’s range of Duplex Tool post grinding systems offer users a greatly expanded capability to adapt existing plant and equipment to have grinding capability. Offering one of the most extensive ranges, Jena Tec’s products are inherently flexible and cost effective to give all the benefits of a precision grinding process without the high cost of a cylindrical grinding machine.

Blade Tip Grinding
Aero engine and Gas Turbine repair shops are a favourite customer of Tool post grinding units where there is recognition of the cost effective method of grinding assembled rotating blades within shafts or casings using Jena Tec equipment.

We offer a range of units comprising either external, internal or dual use systems able to cope with a variety of sizes and bore depths.

Deep Hole Grinding
These quills have solved many awkward production problems, and are an invaluable accessory. They provide a means of machining a work piece without the deflection that might be caused by a cutting tool. The massive bases of the larger Duplex grinders provide adequate anchorage. They are readily interchangeable with the standard quills. High precision races are used throughout, the longer sizes having supporting bearings or bearings in the centre.

Precision Machine Shops
Boring, facing and external cylindrical grinding to precise tolerances can be achieved with the Duplex range. It makes economic sense for Precision Machine Shops to hold a Tool post unit to make maximum utilisation of existing equipment.

Abrasive Band Grinders
Abrasive Band Grinders compliment the Tool Post Grinder range to provide a range of finishing options including;
•Roll Grinding
•Surface Grinding
•Welding Boom Mounted Tank Grinding
•Robot Mounted Abrasive Grinder