Monday, September 15, 2008

Jena Tec Assures OEM Spindle Test Quality

Jena Rotary Technology Ltd (Jena Tec), part of the Avingtrans plc Technology Group, saw the final installation and commissioning of a state of the art PC based Bosch test facility for motorised spindles in its Nottingham facility in May 2006.
Jena Tec is a leading UK supplier of ballscrews and machine tool spindle repair and replacement services to the aftermarket, OEM and factory automation industries and through the investment will be able to provide customers with a quality assured documented test programme.

Conventionally, machine tool spindles are tested using individual manually operated test equipment which requires operator intervention and is laborious to document, limited in scope and can be subjective in terms of interpretation and operator recording.
The new Jena Tec Bosch test rig allows for each spindle to have a unique record and test programme which is automatically programmed through a range of test cycles unmanned. Specific data can be captured and functionality of the spindle tested including;

•Motor Current logging
•Automated run in procedure
•Bearing Temperature & Lubrication
•Vibration Monitoring
•Encoder Performance
•Tool Clamp/Unclamp either hydraulic or pneumatic
•Drawbar switch setting
•Hydraulic actuation
•Cooling efficiency
•Air purge operation

What this means to machine tool customers, be they in the Aerospace, Automotive, Woodworking, Oil/Gas or precision engineering industries is that they can be assured of an OEM standard quality test programme for their repaired spindle. This can be subsequently audited and tracked to their specific test programme providing a higher level of assurance in the work conducted by the spindle repairer.

Jena Tec supply spindle and ballscrew repair services for a wide range of machine tool, machinery and special purpose automation. For more information contact Jena Tec at or on +44 (0)1623 726010 or go to