Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Linear Actuators cross the Atlantic

Jena Tec has introduced its VT and HD ballscrew-driven linear actuators to Europe. The products are already available in the US where they have been used in military, medical, hydraulic and pneumatic replacement, metal forming and flight simulation applications.

Precision ballscrew manufacturer Jena-Tec has launched a custom nut leadscrew design and manufacturing service for high speed positioning leadscrews, used in light duty applications.
Jena Tec provides ballscrew assemblies and repair services for ballscrews, spindles and linear actuators.
Its HD and VT are for a heavy duty ballscrew drive powered by any motor provided or specified by the customer.
With a heavy steel wall construction, the actuators provide from 17,000 to 178,000N for the HD range or from 1880 to 8900N for the VT range.
The heart of the actuator is powered by the firm's ballscrew assembly.
Sealed chambers extend longevity for the unit along with anti rotation devices and adjustable limit switch positions.
With travel distances up to 1200mm and velocities of 1m/s, the actuators can be customised to fit within existing production line or machine constraints, or to fit a user preference of motor type which can be adapted through the use of spacer plates.
While external cylinders are made with a hard chrome coating for corrosion resistance, special units to operate in food or corrosive environments can also be manufactured to request. For more information on this or other Jena Tec products, call us on +44(0)1623 726010